Taf at the Athens Coffee Festival 2022

The three-day Athens Coffee Festival took place on September 24-26 and Taf was present once more!

Unique Single Estate and Taloumis Family Limited Reserve coffees, the impressive Modbar and the favorite Cold Brew, were some of the elements that made taf’s stand 47 stand out.

In a stand dominated by a boho mood in earthy tones, hundreds of visitors confirmed in the best possible way the dynamics of superior quality coffee, which characterizes taf.

At the espresso bar, taf offered:

Pianeta Light Blue

Rosebud Espresso Blend

Competition Espresso Blend

From the Single Estate Series:

El Guayabo – Colombia

San Luis – El Salvador

Divino Nino – Costa Rica

Granitos De Ortiz Special – Costa Rica

And from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series:

To-La Reserve – Ethiopia

Maguta CM Natural – Kenya


At the Brew Bar, taf offered from the Single Estate series, the amazing Las Delicias Washed – Nicaragua.


And from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series:

Elida Geisha – Panama

El Burro Geisha – Panama

Santa Gertrudis Typica – Ecuador

and the new Santa Lucia – Honduras


Visitors once again loved taf’s Cold Brew, the most refreshing option for their walk, and the new coffee cocktails that were being prepared throughout the whole Athens Coffee Festival 2022!

During the three-day festival, Yannis Taloumis, CEO & Head of Quality of taf, spoke about the evolution of coffee processing and how it affects the taste characteristics. A very interesting presentation that you can also find at his personal blog: www.thecoffeepursuit.com

Taf once again supported Christos Klouvatos, who won the 1st place in the Hellenic Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. Having presented two wonderful coffee cocktails, with the main ingredient being two Taf Coffees (El Burro Geisha – Panama, for the Tropical Irish Coffee & To-La Reserve – Ethiopia, for the Macerated Delicacy), he is now the professional who will soon represent Greece at the Coffee in Good Spirits World Championship in 2023!

A unique cupping took place at Technopolis, during which taf offered some coffees from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series, were discussed about for their complex profiles!

In a lively three-day festival with coffee being the main part, taf was particularly happy to meet with coffee professionals and coffee aficionados to share common experiences around coffee, and together shape the future of the industry.