Single Estate Coffees

Single Estate is a coffee that originates from a specific farm, an individual producer/grower, famous for its high quality and for the value that it creates without any negative effects to third persons. Its uniqueness comes from its flavor and taste characteristics (acidity, body, taste and aroma) that create its profile as well as from its process, from seed to cup. Single Estate coffees are in accordance with the values of Taf and are based on quality, social responsibility and environmental protection. Single Estate product line includes coffees coming from farms in various regions of the world with unique flavor characteristics. The objective is to give our customers the opportunity to get to know high quality coffees of a unique origin that offer an experience based on flavor characteristics as well as on the value that they render to customers through their route.

The communication with the growers is direct, in order to purchase the coffee directly from the farm. In this way, we implement our direct relationship model. This means that every year we visit the coffee farms with which we have built long term relationships. At the same time, we continue our research about new taste profiles. Our objective is to support coffee growers, to have a direct contact with them, ensuring that our quality criteria are met throughout the coffee route, from the coffee plantation to coffee processing and coffee storage.

We travel to coffee producing countries and make an extensive research about the coffees that we will select. Our coffee selections are based on the flavor profiles that we want to develop that will be highlighted through the roasting process.

High quality in taste is the ultimate criteria for high quality coffees (specialty). Therefore, coffee tasting and controls are an integral part of the whole procedure and are implemented systematically. The assessment of the aroma, the freshly grounded coffee, the flavor and the taste of the freshly brewed cup, as well as the mouthfeel and aftertaste, are all important characteristics and determine the coffee’s personality in order to create the complete experience for the consumer.