Coffee Education Center

The Coffee Education Center by taf is a place where knowledge, education, experience and expression meet. A space dedicated to learning, development, new ideas and the creation and dissemination of experiences.
The Coffee Education Center by taf consists of 3 rooms; Sidra and Typica, SCA certified as SCA Premium Training Center, and Mocca, a coffee dedicated lab.
In the Sidra room various presentations, coffee cuppings and the theoretical part of scheduled seminars take place, but this room also hosts meetings, discussions and at the same time is a place for creative thinking. Typica is the practice area for the scheduled seminars, as it is fully equipped. It is also a place for cup tasting gatherings. Mocca, is the heart of taf’s Quality Control, a fully equipped and modern lab for the analysis, quality control, research & development of coffee. It also operates in support of the Sidra and Typica rooms.
Through the actions and the continuous training on the various aspects of coffee by specialized speakers of both taf and the global coffee community, the Coffee Education Center by taf is a place dedicated to coffee.