Sustainability Blends

We define sustainable coffee as a coffee that is cultivated in a way that is friendly to the environment and people. A sustainable coffee farm offers to the land and to people as much as it is given. The coffee farm seeks independency from the non-renewable energy sources, when that is achievable. Sustainable agriculture helps decrease pollution, makes some important steps towards the protection of the environment and cares for all those who work in sustainable plantations. Sustainable agriculture implements practices for the decrease of water consumption and the cleaning of the water that is used. Moreover, a sustainable coffee farm uses organic fertilizers and applies methods that increase production efficiency of the coffee trees in the long run for high quality yields. Finally, sustainable coffee farms adopt practices such as shade coffee plantations, organic plantations and sustainable agriculture. Also, for the search of renewable energy resources they promote educational programs, they provide medical care to their employees and they apply fair wages and good working conditions.

The sustainability coffees program by Taf includes coffees that follow the “rules” of sustainability in all production stages. More specifically, Taf has defined 3 criteria based on which a coffee can be included in this specific program:

1. Ecosystem
This criterion includes factors such as the use of organic fertilizers in coffee plantations, the protection of forests, shade coffee plantations, the protection of water resources etc. The application of sustainable agricultural practices in coffee farms is a critical issue for the select ion of a coffee.

2. Society
This criterion is related to people and the local community. Therefore, important factors for Taf are good working conditions of employees in the farms, wages, the education of their family members as well as medical and health care. As for the local community, critical factors are infrastructure and community work that some farms are willing to do for better quality life.

3. Quality
The last criterion of the program is related to the quality of the final product. Taf has set as a criterion for those coffees that are included in the program to have a score no less than 85/100. Each coffee is graded during cupping taking into consideration all its characteristics (aroma, flavor, body, acidity).

The objective of the program is for consumers to get to know unique coffees, coffees that are grown with no negative effect to the environment and people. Having as a given the higher quality and the unique flavor characteristics of these coffees, we aim to contribute to the sustainability by enhancing the farmers by purchasing directly from them. In that way, Taf builds long-term relationships based on trust with the farmers. Also, this program is a step towards the sustainable philosophy that Taf adopts in all its sectors. The companys goal is to apply green practices in its internal environment.