Taf at Ho.Re.Ca. 2022!

Ho.Re.Ca. returned and taf stood out with its presence!

Located at the beginning of the 4th corridor of the first hall, taf stand stood out for the minimal decoration that excluded all the unnecessary elements that would distract professionals and coffee lovers, from the main message – the taste experience offered by taf coffees and the upgraded services we presented based on superior quality coffee. Having chosen colours in soft natural tones and the addition of exotic plants as the main element of decoration, the taf pavilion exuded refined aesthetics, class, purity and timelessness.

Taf, remaining faithful to the vision and the goal of disseminating knowledge and the value of superior quality coffee, created 3 separate spaces during the exhibition, showcasing unique solutions in the Ho.Re.Ca. market.

At the main bar, guests had the opportunity to try unique selections of the Single Estate and the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series, filter or espresso, offering a real journey of the senses, intertwined with the timelessness of refined flavours and aromas.

For filter coffee, taf offered from the Single Estate series:
Las Delicias – Nicaragua
Rukira – Kenya

And from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series:
El Burro Geisha – Panama
El Rubi # 7 COE Honduras 2021
Los Favoritos – Nicaragua
To-La Reserve – Ethiopia

For espresso, taf offered from the Single Estate series:
Elida Estate – Panama
San Luis – El Salvador
La Esmeralda – Panama
La Planada, Herbazu micromill – Costa Rica

And from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve series, taf offered:
To-La Reserve – Ethiopia
Maguta CM Natural – Kenya

The equipment of the Taste Experience bar was complemented by the impressive innovative technology of Modbar’s Espresso AV taps, allowing the seamless and perfect service of the guests by the excellently trained taf baristas.

The La Marzocco KB90 and the Rancilio Specialty at the corners of the main bar uniquely framed the #tafcoffee Taste Experience, ensuring high quality in the final cup serving the excellent Sustainability Blends & Competition Blends.

At the #taficedbrew bar, taf offered the amazing Iced Brew with all the suggested serving options, neat with ice or with an orange peel, while we prepared the most refreshing Coffee Cocktails – a pioneering suggestion for every bar and coffee shop looking for new ways to serve our favourite coffee.

Finally, at the #tafeasyserving corner the Ho.Re.Ca. market loved taf’s suggestions for upgraded services, based on the unquestionable quality of taf’ s coffee. Taf Steeped Coffee and Cultivos Coffee capsules – two innovative, practical and impressive ways to offer quality services to the hotel industry but also to coffee shops, both at the domestic and the global market.

At taf, we are a network of people who love coffee! Guided by our passion on quality coffee and the upgrading of the coffee industry, we completed a four-day event of fruitful discussions, enjoying amazing coffees, discussing the most innovative ways to choose superior quality coffees and services.