El Burro Geisha Panama

The Lamastus Family has been producing coffee in Elida Estate for four generations, since 1918. Besides Elida estate, Lamastus family grows coffee in the area of Boquete Panama also located in the El Burro estate.

El Burro is located at 1675m inside the Baru Volcano National park, making it one of the farms closer to the Pacific Ocean.

After 120 hours of Anaerobic Slow Dry, El Burro's cherries are fermented in a sealed tank, and then are drying in raised beds under the sun.

El Burro Estate was established by the grandfather of the family Amado Boutet, whose father, Aristides Boutet had emigrated from France in the 1800s. After winning numerous prizes at the Best of

Panama (BOP) competition, it has become one of the most famous coffee farms. El Burro Estate is at the southernmost farm of Boquete; here the microclimate (and part of the terroir) is very dry during dry season and very wet during wet season in the northern farms, and just like Elida (and Luito), the dry season gets lots of mist and rain thanks to the cold winds from the north.

El Burro's distinctive microclimate yields a different cup profile with unique attributes that make it very unique

El Burro Geisha Panama

Origin: Cabecera, Dolega, Panama

Altitude: 1675m

Variety: Geisha

Processing: Natural, ASD 120 hours

Cup profile: tropical fruits, pineapple & mango, pleasant acidity, juicy body, long pleasant aftertaste

Suggested for: filter and espresso

Espresso recipe:

In: 19gr

Out: 36gr

Time: 23 sec

Filter recipe

90-93° degrees 
Pouring time: 1'-1' & 30''
Extraction time: 2'-2'& 15''

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