04/10/2017 Athens Coffee Festival 2017 eng

At the brew bar, visitors had the opportunity to taste Gesha coffees from Ninety Plus that were also presented at the public cupping table that took place the last day of the festival, with Stefanos Domatiotis and Yiannis Taloumis. Another public cupping had taken place on Saturday – Costa Rica Variety Evolution with Yiannis Taloumis, focusing on the coffee variety’s role on the development of each coffee’s taste profile. New single estate coffee entries were presented during this cupping.

Visitors who had the opportunity to pass by taf’s stand, could participate in three different coffee tastings, the Costa Rica Variety Evolution, the Limited Reserve, and the Best Ninety Plus Gesha, that were repeatedly organized during the three –day festival.

Finally, during the festival, several presentations took place – one with Yiannis Taloumis “The trip: seeking new coffee varieties in the world”, one with Stefanos Domatiotis about brewing methods as well as one with Stefanos Domatiotis and Konstantinos Iatridis with the title “Espresso for beginners”.

It is a great pleasure for taf to be able to transfer all its values through activities and festivals, in a way that consumers can receive and perceive the taf taste experience.