What is taf coffee

Taf customers know that the coffees included in the Single Estate, Taloumis Family Limited Reserve and Sustainability lines are high-quality coffees and are produced under strict specifications, offering a higher quality experience.

Single Estate is a coffee that originates from a specific farm, an individual producer/grower, famous for its high quality and for the value that it creates without any negative effects to third persons. Its uniqueness comes from its flavor and taste characteristics (acidity, body, taste and aroma) that create its profile as well as from its process, from seed to cup.

Coffees included in the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve line are micro-lot coffees and nano-lots from exotic varieties such as Geisha, Pacamara and Heirloom Ethiopia. Finally, Sustainability coffees are cultivated in a way that is friendly to the environment and people, and follow the rules of sustainability in order to achieve continuous development.