14/5/2014 Taf @ the Artisan Coffee Festival – Istanbul 2014!

Taf supported the Turkish Championships also this year!

Chris Loukakis with Stefanos Domatiotis brewed with their skills Espresso Rosebud Blend & Espresso Competition Blend at the La Marzocco Espresso stand! They also brewed drip coffee Yirgacheffe microlot Tchembe at the brew bar! At the Ibrik bar Taf presented the new Gourmet Ibrik blends!

The second day of the Artisan Coffee Festival, Yiannis Taloumis introduced the workshop “Quality Kaleidoscope”. An open coffee tasting followed the workshop.

We feel particularly proud for Koray Erdogdu’s participation who won the first place at the Ibrik Championship, presenting during his program the new Taf Gourmet Ibrik blends! Koray Erdogdu also came first at the Turkish Barista Championship with the Espresso Rosebud as a basic blend and Single Estate Kenya Karagoto for his signature beverage!

The last day of the Artisan Coffee Festival, Taf’s head barista trainers Stefanos Domatiotis and Chris Loukakis gave an Espresso Cappuccino Basic Seminar and a latte art jam!