14-15/12/2018 Taf Coffee @ Whisky Live Athens

Taf, on December 14th and 15th, attended the 1st Whiskey Live in Athens and gave its visitors a special experience!

There we offered excellent coffees from Costa Rica and Ethiopia, as well as the unique Rosebud blend from the Competition series.
More specifically, in the espresso bar we offered Helsar Magdalena from Costa Rica and Rosebud Blend.
Helsar Magdalena Cup profile: stonefruits, sweet peach, round, smooth acidity, very good balance

Rosebud Cup Profile: creamy feeling, smooth body, caramel, chocolate and nutmeg aroma, taste of cherry & caramel with apricot, tangerine and almond notes

At the brew bar we offered Yirgcheffe To-La from Ethiopia, not only in a coffee filter but also in Irish Coffee! The wonderful cup profile of Yirgacheffe To-La has completely tied with the Whiskey flavor and the Whiskey Lovers showed to really enjoy it!

Cup Profile: ripe blueberries, milk chocolate, banana, balanced acidity pineapple, lingering body