9-12/10/2018 Taf acquires the lot of this year’s COE Peru winner!

This year’s Cup of Excellence of Peru took place in Lima on 9-12 / 10. As a member of the International Jury of the Cup of Excellence, Yiannis Taloumis, CEO and Head of Quality of Taf Coffee, attended the event, got in touch with the producers and discovered new great coffees. The Cup of Excellence of Peru 2018 was the second in the series to be held in the country.

Altogether, 300 coffees were preselected by the National Jury of Peru, and after evaluation and analysis they reached the International Jury of the organization. To pass a coffee in the next stage it should have a score of at least 86. These 30 coffees were evaluated on the basis of the Cup of Excellence rating form, of which 24 managed to score 86+. These coffees were rated based on the density of the perfume and on the basis of the following criteria:

Clean Cup

The 24 coffees that managed to score 86+ were re-tested by the 23 judges of the International Jury of the Cup of Excellence, aiming to be the best 10 coffees.

The winner of this year’s Cup of Excellence was Dwigth Aguilar Masias from the Nueva Alianza farm, located in Cuzco, near Machu Picchu. His coffee, variety Gesha, managed to score 91.08 points! Dwigth Aguilar Masias returned to his farm after many years and with much knowledge and passion to improve it. He took on a painful work of eight years of effort and dedication, the result of which is reflected in the quality of coffee. Yiannis Taloumis, had picked out this coffee from the early stages of the evaluation and we are really proud to have won the lot after the auction.

You can find this coffee here: http://www.cafetaf.gr/en/products/coffee/taloumisfamilylimitedreserve-exoticvarieties/nuevaalianzacoeperu20185204129022089.html