2-6/10/2012 Q course at Taf Lab and 1/10/12 Pre-Q course

Q course at Taf Lab 2-6/10/12 and Pre-Q course 1/10/12Taf has the first certified Lab in Europe according to the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) and SCAA standards, allowing for the implementation of Q classes and giving the opportunity to European citizens to be certified as Q Graders, Star Cuppers or SCAA Certified Cupping Judges.2-6/10/12 the second Q course will take place at Taf Lab with Tracy Allen (Brewed Behavior) as an instructor and Yiannis Taloumis (Q Grader) as an assistant instructor. 1/10/12 the Pre-Q course will take place for those interested in participating in both Pre-Q and Q courses or for those who wish to participate in one of the two. For more information regarding the content of the course, please visit http://www.coffeeinstitute.org/the-q-coffee-system/become-a-q-grader

For any interest in the course please contact at 210-6218172 or info@cafetaf.gr