Ed for Aid | A coffee Education Series by Yiannis Taloumis & the Coffee Education Center by taf, for the support of local coffee communities

Ed for Aid

A coffee Education Series by Yiannis Taloumis & the Coffee Education Center by taf, for the support of local coffee communities

The know-how and the long experience, allows us to share with you all the knowledge we have gained all these years. Thus, taf, remaining faithful to the goal of promoting superior quality coffee, both in the Greek and in the global market, presents a new series of online sessions.

Yiannis Taloumis, the inspirer and the head of the direct relationship program, which is the main pillar of taf ’s quality, organizes along with the Coffee Education Center by taf, “Ed for Aid” – a series of online sessions, for the support of local coffee communities. The direct relationship program is an immediate connection with the coffee producers, and Yiannis Taloumis wants to reciprocate their support and cooperation, through Ed for Aid.

The communities which are developed around farms in coffee-producing countries, often face difficulties in accessing basic services such as clean water and education.

Ed for Aid by Yiannis Taloumis, the Coffee Education Center by taf and other contributors from the global coffee community, aims to support and help these local communities that are a key link in the coffee chain.

Ed for Aid is a series of online classes and group discussions, in which various topics will be discussed, such as the coffee characteristics, its specific nature,  the importance of the quality of the raw material and many more specialized subjects which combined, form a new, unexplored world for the loyal high-quality coffee lovers.

Ed for Aid is created for all coffee lovers who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the coffee’s origin, its preparation and the features that make it stand out. In addition, it is addressed to those of you, who through your education, want to contribute to a life-changing move for these communities.

Every session will take place online and will be broadcasted live. Proceeds from this program will be directly channeled to local coffee communities in full transparency. Participants will be informed of the project’s progress, through the visual content that they will receive in their e-mails.

For us at taf, behind every project there are people. People are the ones who feel, create and act. People make the difference and when they are united, they can perform miracles.

Through our long journeys we are lucky to meet families of coffee producers, which teach us precious things, that evolve us in every possible way.

After all, we are a network of people who love coffee, and that is why we invite you to unite through education and together, to improve the lives of coffee producers and their families.