Taf supports La Lorena farm in Colombia

Last September, during a cupping session in Ibagué, Colombia to evaluate the coffees of Monteverde Farm, Yannis Taloumis tasted a coffee with a lot of potential, however its flavors were not distinct enough, which he attributed to the processing process. The coffee belonged to Hugo Mora’s La Lorena Farm in the Tolima region. While visiting the farm, it was discovered that the space and equipment used to process the beans significantly reduced the quality of the flavor, as a space between the roof and the rooms of the house was used to dry the coffee, which was inadequate because the roof covered the sun.

Through the Taf Direct Relationship Program, taf funded the construction of a greenhouse-like space that includes raised beds with a grid on which the beans sit to dry. The funding was important to La Lorena Farm as it allowed them to increase the efficiency of their coffee processing and improve the quality of their coffee, leading to increased profitability. Through the Taf Direct Relationship program, taf builds strong partnerships and trusting relationships, and always supports the local communities of the coffee producers with whom they work.

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