4-5/10/2019 1st taf Barista Challenge @ Impact Hub

An exciting 2-day event 4-5/10/2019, full of tastings, discussions, thoughts about coffee and an exciting challenge designed by taf for its barista community.

Taf, having prioritized education and emphasizing the importance of continuous development and self-improvement, invited baristi who have gone through its training center in a competing scenario to test themselves by preparing the best espresso & cappuccino!

The 2-day event began with an interesting cupping session, which focused on the tasting that triggered the discussion that followed with the participants. This day was an educational session about technical issues and customer service advises. Throughout the day, Yiannis Taloumis and Stefanos Domatiotis were always there with tips and feedback for the participants, who in turn shared their thoughts, experiences, concerns, visions and moments from their daily routine as barista, creating a cozy and fun atmosphere.

The second day, in the configured to the individual needs of the event, space, 2 La Marzocco Linea PB AVs and 2 unique new coffees from the single estate coffees series, La Lia from Costa Rica and Elida from Panama, awaited the participants.

An impromptu «green room» was there to welcome each group of the contestants, before the challenge to relax them and after it to share with us their first impressions and excitement.

The most important instruction was to win the bet with themselves, making the best cup of coffee, but also to learn from their mistakes. But since there is no challenge without winners, Vasilis Nikitas 1st, Angelos Mouratis 2nd and Apostolos Tsonoglou 3rd were the winners.

In the end, a party and a few beers were enough to bring our barista community even closer!
Congrats to all of you for your presence, that made this event special!

Cheers… to a better cup of coffee!


See you next time!