31/10-2/11/2019 taf @ IBC Festival

taf travelled to the Iberia and the magnificent Barcelona, at the invitation of the Brew Guest Bar, to be present at the Independent Coffee Festival 31/10 – 2/11.

We offer to both professionals and coffee aficionados, cups of unique filter coffee with the finest Divino Nino, To La Reserve, Yirgacheffe To La, Geisha La Palma y El Tucan & Jasper coffee, highlighting their unique taste profiles.

On 31/10 & 1/11 taf organized a workshop, specially designed by Yiannis Taloumis, to introduce participants to the “new era” of Ethiopian coffees. The workshop, divided into 2 parts, started with a cupping session, during which Yiannis Taloumis presented different coffees from the project To la: Ethiopia Enhanced, in particular, Jasper (carbonic maceration), Supernatural 2,4,5 & 6, Reserve (carbonic maceration) & Amber (carbonic maceration). These coffees combine Ethiopia’s undeniable quality with innovative and experimental processing from Origin’s Project experienced team, giving in the final cup a dazzling effect.

Following this cupping session, our barista Savvas Petroutsos, with his excellent know-how and experience, presented and initiated the public in an innovative hand brew method, using the Gem series set, designed by Stefanos Domatiotis, to secure the finest result in the cup.
Throughout the workshop, Yiannis Taloumis shared with the attendees small secrets and remarkable details that make the difference regarding these unique and innovative coffees and their brewing process.