27/05/2015 Taf presents the new Ninety Plus crop

Taf presents the new Ninety Plus crop
At the impressive hall of the very new Ark in the area of Glyfada, between very special friends, Joseph Brodsky together with Yiannis Taloumis presented a very small part of this year’s Ninety Plus crop.

The founder of this innovative company – Ninety Plus – talked about the unique program that he applies in regions of Ethiopia and his farm in Panama, he explained the great investment made for the picking of the very best cherries and his plan to lead in the boutique coffee market the next years, through his constant dedication to quality.

Our internationally well-known barista Stefanos Domatiotis made the brew of Lotus coffee. The coffee, roasted just a few days ago, “presented” its fine acidity and its floral profile. Using the same technique with small variations, Stefanos presented two different coffee profiles, leaving all guests with many questions about the secrets of extraction.

Some of the new crop coffees will soon be available at the e-shop of our website www.cafetaf.gr