22-23/06/2011 1st World Brewers Cup

The World Brewers Cup took place during the SCAE World of Coffee Event in Maastricht 22-23 of June 2011 (http://www.worldbrewerscup.org/). It was launched to promote manual coffee making and service excellence. All the judges need to be Q Graders. Competitors have to pass the first round where all the brewing techniques are included. All competitors have to use the same coffee without know its origin and brew 3 coffees within 7 minutes. The judges evaluate taste, aroma, acidity, body, aftertaste as well as the overall impression for each particular brew. The first 6 competitors go to the final round and brew one coffee for each judge using their favourite brewing technique. The judges have to give points based on taste as well as all characteristics mentioned above (70%) and presentation (30%). I had the chance to be a judge in the first round that was held for the first time this year. The other judges were Lynsey Harley (Q Grader) and Kyonghee Shin (Q Grader).

Stefanos Domatiotis participated in the World Brewers Cup and won the fourth place, using the coffee Organic Sidamo (Ethiopia) from the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve product line by Taf. Bravo Stefanos!

Yiannis Taloumis