21/06/2011 – SCAE Coffee Excellence Innovation

In Maastricht, the 21st of June the nominees for the SCAE awards were awarded. The award concerned certain sectors of the specialty coffee market. One of these awards was the innovation award for which Yiannis Taloumis was nominated. The SCAE committee responsible for the selection of the winners awarded Yiannis Taloumis with the innovation award for his effort and his development in the coffee specialty sector. In details, the award concerned Yiannis’ contribution to the specialty coffee market in Europe, by developing the Taf Specialty Project and the product lines Single Estate, Taloumis Family Limited Reserve & Sustainability Coffees. But his action does not stop there. Yiannis Taloumis is an active SCAE member, participating in educational seminars systematically and supporting the Gold Cup. Finally, he has a strong interest for coffee competitions – Taf barista trainer, Stefanos Domatiotis won the 6th place at the WBC in 2010.