20/09/2014 Just Brew it @ Chapter One Coffee!

On Saturday the 20th of September, Taf team travelled to Chapter One in Berlin for a special event organized with Nora Smahelova!

The purpose of our visit was to present to Berlin Coffee Geeks our coffees and to enjoy them all together!

During the event “Just Brew it – Hellas Cool in Berlin”, Yiannis Taloumis organized a cupping with new arrivals from his coffee sourcing for Taf and with the top 5 coffees from Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2014. Stefanos Domatiotis brewed Geisha Ninety Plus coffees Perci N2 and Narcissus as well as the coffee El Pilon from Costa Rica. Finally, Chris Loukakis served espresso Baquelito from Guatemala and Rosebud Blend!

Participants were very enthusiastic and recognized the very high quality of these coffees. In fact they accepted the price of 10eur and 20eur for Ninety Plus Perci N2 and Narcissus respectively, a fact that really surprised us and made us happy! It is a special honor for us to receive recognition from consumers in Greece and abroad and to meet people who share the same philosophy with us!