20/04/2015 Ninety Plus Maker Series Perci by Stefanos Domatiotis eng

Ninety Plus Maker Series Perci by Stefanos Domatiotis
This year Ninety Plus, producer of excellent coffees, realized a complicated program, in order to differentiate the way of producing coffee in Ethiopia and Panama. They created a team of Superpickers, which is a team of people selecting the best fruits, educated in a way to pick only the cherries with no defect. Their aim is quality, not quantity. These perfect cherries have arrived to the processing stations of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, while for these specific taste profiles the decision was made by their Makers. The best baristas of the world that had “highlighted” Ninety Plus coffees through their distinction at the world championships, formed a small group, the Makers group and were asked to visit the Ninety Plus farm to process their coffee, according to their specifications.

They spent a week at the Gesha Estate with the growers and imaginative Joseph Brodsky, the inspirator and creator of Ninety Plus, and decided on the characteristics that they would like their coffee to have, according to the NP Taste Profile, the taste profile that each coffee has based on its variety, microclimate of the region it grows as well as processing.

Our barista, Stefanos Domatiotis, after having accepted Ninety Plus invitation to travel to Panama, he visited the farm in order to put on his coffee, Perci, his own signature, participating in the whole process from start to finish. From picking and processing to brewing. “It is an incredible experience, the life at the farm is difficult, but the emotions are unique. Mainly, it is a great honor for a barista to brew and offer coffee for those people that have produced it, the growers and pickers that have so carefully selected the coffee”. Perci coffee by Stefanos Domatiotis from the Ninety Plus Maker Series was presented for the first time in Shanghai, during the largest trade show for coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, Hotelex, a few weeks ago. Apart from Stefanos, the rest of the Makers of Ninety Plus excellent coffees are Craig Simon, Semeon Abey, Yoshikazu Iwase and Jeremy Zhang, while the team of this most skilled Makers is already expanding.

You can follow the link below to watch the video made by Ninety Plus’ cooperator, Travis Horn, with snapshots of Stefanos Domatiotis and Yiannis Taloumis visit in Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in January, up to their meeting in Seattle, during World Barista Championship 2015.