19/06/2015 Konstantinos Iatridis won the 2nd place at the World Brewers Cup!

Konstantinos Iatridis won the 2nd place at the World Brewers Cup!
Another important distinction for Taf was gained by the barista Konstantinos Iatridis, winning the 2nd place at the World Brewers Cup that took place in Gothenburg in Sweden, 16-18/06.

Konstantinos, after daily trainings inside the training room, he managed to get a high score using as a brew the coffee Perci Pinnacle from Ninety Plus. The coffee Perci Pinnacle is a Geisha coffee from Panama, growing in an altitude of 1800m in the microregion Volkan, Silla de la Panto and has a natural process. For its profile, the taf team working along with Ninety Plus during its visit in Panama, while it “character” was completed in Taf Roastery, after the skillful roasting made by Elias Taloumis.

The coffee has an intense aroma of magnolia, dark honey and white tea, while it has a fruity taste characterized by plum and the exotic litchi. Its aftertaste is remarkably clean and clear and perhaps this is one of the main characteristics making this coffee so special.

We are really happy that taf has one more distinction this year at the World Brewers Cup. We would like to congratulate Konstantinos and we believe that the championship will be the beginning to develop his talent. Best of luck to all participants for their great efforts.