07/04/2015 Taf team In Seattle – April 2015

Taf team In Seattle – April 2015
The time has come for the World Barista Championship, this worldwide competition that will take place in Seattle the 9th of April, where Stefanos Paterakis, our barista, will participate. After his first place at the national championship that was held in Athens last February, Stefanos never stopped his training for the WBC, a unique experience for every barista that has already participated. The competitor together with his coach and some members of the Taf Team, travelled a few hours ago to the US.

With lots of hours of training by Taf’s most experienced baristas, Stavros Domatiotis, Stefanos Domatiotis and Chris Loukakis, with a great focus in his target, young Stefanos will compete, aiming at a good place among the 54 countries that participate. Besides his skills, the coffee that he has selected to compete plays also an important role. This coffee comes from El Salvador and is produced by Aida Battle, a coffee with excellent characteristics, complicated and fruity. The high quality of the coffee in combined with its roasting by Taf’s roaster, Ilias Taloumis, make this coffee unique in its taste.

On Thursday the 9th of April at 18.00 (local time in Greece), Stefanos will stand in front of the judges for the semifinal session. You can watch the competition live here www.livestream.com/watch

Good luck to Stefanos Paterakis and the whole team.