05/03/2015 Taf in Scarperia!

Taf in Scarperia!
Taf organized a specialized seminar for baristas and coffee shop owners, in La Marzocco in Florence, in its historical factory where La Marzocco handmade machines are produced.

The seminar’s subject presented by Enrico Wurm from La Marzocco, concerned Strada users and the differences in pressures profiles, with which someone can obtain different taste results, using the same coffee. Yiannis Taloumis, our barista Christos Loukakis and people from La Marzocco, suggested different pressure profiles to achieve different but also incredible results using the Rosebud blend and giving shots with different profiles. Strada’s (EP) possibilities exceeded their expectations.

Apart from the pressure profile seminar, a coffee tasting was organized by Taf in the factory. Under the guidance of Yiannis Taloumis, important Italian journalists from Vogue, Marie Claire, Monocle & Wired as well as the newspaper Corriere della Sera, participated with great interest. Press representatives made a cupping and tasted single estate coffees from farms in Colombia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica as well as some coffees from the exceptional Ninety Plus line. Once more, Taf coffees were really impressive for a rather difficult audience. The trip ended in a very positive way for both sides. The next similar workshop will be announced soon. Thank you La Marzocco!