04/12/2017 Comandante Grind & Brew Cup in Athens! eng

The first round ended with having 3 finalists for the final round. Before the final round we had the chance to watch one more presentation from the Comandante team for the company and the manual coffee grinders. Then, we had the opportunity to listen to Konstantinos Iatridis, taf barista, about his experience during the World Barista Championship that took place in Seoul in November, where he acquired the 13th place. During his presentation at the WBC, Konstantinos used a Comandante Grinder, therefore his speech was very interesting for all the participants.

The presentations’ schedule was completed with a presentation from Stefanos Domatiotis about the participation at the national and world championships as an experience, the role of the right preparation and the importance of knowledge gained for the barista, during his/her participation.

The final round was next and was completed with great suspense, as the two first competitors reached the same score – Apostolia Sarantidou from Las Ramblas and Andreas Mantzinos from Hacienda. Therefore, in order to have one winner, we made one more round, the Super Finals!

Final winner was Andreas Mantzinos from Hacienda, who obtained the gold Comandante Grinder offered by the company’s team!

We would really like to thank all the participants and congratulate them for their effort! A big thank you to the judging committee for its important role.

You can watch the video of the Comandante competition in Athens below: