Rancilio Miss Silvia New

Professional Style
The pleasure of a perfect espresso is at your fingertips any time of the day. The stainless steel body adds to the design and makes the Silvia perfect for any type of décor. Commercial style and features add to the professional image and quality

Commercial filter holder design
The new ergonomic commercial filter holder together with the chrome-plated group cover enhance the professional image of the Silvia.

Steam nozzle, knob and drip tray grid
Professional image and a high level of quality thanks to the ergonomic design of the new commercial articulating steam wand and new steam valve. The new drip tray grid has been designed to make cleaning even simpler

Pods & Caps
A pod and capsule adaptor kit (optional) is available for use with the Silvia. Pods and capsules make it easier to obtain a perfect espresso every time and guarantee greater versatility. In fact you can choose from various blends, and the freshness and fragrance of freshly-ground coffee is always guaranteed.

Technical Features
supporting structure in black-painted iron
body and control panel in satin-finish stainless steel
high-capacity boiler
dispensing unit and boiler in marine brass
professional dispensing unit and filter holder 

Standard features, accessories

STANDARD FEATURES: 1 filter holder with filter and 2-dose filter, measuring scoop, tamper.
ACCESSORIES: pod adaptor kit composed of a diffuser, shower screen, two spacers and a pod filter.

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Weight: 14.00kg

Brand: Rancilio