Espro Travel Coffee Press Brushed (350ml)

There are people who will gladly hike miles with a heavy pack to the summit of the tallest mountains. Others might think nothing of being at sea, days from land. But of all the hardships people endure to see the world and seek adventure, we believe that going without a great cup should not be among them.

The ESPRO Travel Press is for people who love coffee and tea, and want to take it with them anywhere – whether they’re crossing the Amazon, or just trying to commute across an urban jungle. It’s designed so they can brew their favorite cup right inside, seal it with the travel lid, throw it in their bag, and go.

Outside, its vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps things warm for hours. And inside, the patented double micro-filter creates a clean and tasty cup that can only come from ESPRO

ACCESSORIES: Coffee filter | Tea filter | Paper filters
FINISHES: Matte Black | Stainless Steel | White SIZE: 12oz
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Stainless Steel 

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