Fazenda Daterra Sweet Blue - Brazil

Daterra is a farm renowned for its innovative research, its respect for the environment and its high quality coffee.Plantations are located in the Cerrado region (State of Minas Gerais) and in the Mogiana region (State of Sαo Paulo). The high altitude, stable temperature, and defined rainy season create perfect conditions for sustainable Arabica coffee farming. Daterra's uniqueness lies not only in its environmental philosophy: protection of wildlife, water resources, and native forests, but also in its social responsibility, promoting labor rights.

Daterra's renowned quality assures roasters worldwide that the coffee it provides will deliver a high standard cup. Sustainability has always been part of Daterra's essence. It has now also become a demand from espresso gourmet consumers. Daterra's team is constantly working for eco-friendlier agriculture and more effective ecological practices. This intensive research evidences Daterra's leadership in promoting social responsibility.Advanced agricultural methods yield the best coffee: full-bodied, nut-flavored with balanced aftertaste and great crema. Daterra's plantations are located at an average altitude of 1,150 m under a stable temperature of around 22ºC, which constitutes the ideal environment for Arabica Coffee production. Furthermore, the dry season during the harvest makes this region unique for the best Arabica coffees.

Daterra's top quality coffee has been widely recognized in competitions such as BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association) Cup of Excellence. The finest coffee cuppers in the world have also given Daterra's estate products many positive appraisals.The farm has Utz Kapeh and Rainforest Alliance certifications.

Origin: Cerrado, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

Variety: Red Catuai 

Altitude: 1150m 

Processing: washed 

Cup Profile: balanced acidity, cocoa aroma, bitter chocolate flavour

Suggested for: espresso

In: 18gr – 18,5 gr

Out: 37gr – 38gr

Time: 25sec

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