Taloumis Family Limited Reserve - Filter Kit

A pallet of aromas and flavors in just one box!

The coffees of our most special series, the Taloumis Family Limited Reserve, have been chosen one by one by Yiannis Taloumis and are unique cases that come from very small lots of exotic varieties, or innovative processing methods, or come from coffee auctions. All coffees of this series offer a higher experience to the senses that you can now enjoy at the fullest with the new Taste’em all kit!  Available in Espresso or Filter version, it includes a sample of 6 selected coffees of the series for you to explore!


Sumava Kenya, Costa Rica

Elida Washed Geisha, Panama

To-la Reserve, Ethiopia

Santa Gertrudis SL28, Ecuador 

Creativa Static Geisha, Panama

Maguta CM Natural, Kenya

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