Gitesi - Rwanda

Gitesi CWS is a private washing station built in 2005, even though it started its full operation in 2010. It is located in Gitesi area, in the district of Karongi in Western Rwanda.

Gahizi Alexis is the name of the owner. Local coffee farmers supply their coffee to Gitesi CWS and receive money, that is why the location of the washing station is of crucial importance to them.

Kopakika, an established local coffee farmers association works closely with CWS. Kopakika consists of 200 members, 80% of which are women.

The water used in CWS comes from mountain natural springs. 

Origin: Gitesi, Karongi, Western Rwanda

Altitude: 1750m

Variety: bourbon

Processing: wet & dry processing

Cup profile: floral, sweet candy, pepper, caramel, creamy, complex, black tea in the finish

Suggested for: espresso & filter 

Filter Recipe

15gr/250ml degrees

90-93° degrees

Pouring Time: 1'- 1' & 30"

Extraction time: 2' - 2' & 15"

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