Fazenda Vassourao - Brazil

Fazenda Vassourão – Brazil

In the town of Camacho in Campo das Vertentes in Brazil, Waldir Batista Borges is continuing the long standing tradition of his family by cultivating coffee in Fazenda Vassourão. The Borges family, pioneers in coffee-growing in their community, began their journey in 1978 by planting coffee on 3 hectares of land, which allowed them to not only grow successfully their business but their family as well. Waldir, who always enjoyed accompanying his father in the fields and gained valuable knowledge in producing coffee by his teachings, works closely to this day with his brothers and sisters, carrying out all activities with great care to produce special coffees. Their partnership alongside the family bond they share, has been fundamental for their success in producing coffee.

Origin: Campo das Vertentes, Camacho

Altitude: 1150m

Variety: Yellow Catucaí

Processing: Natural

Cup profile: floral, exotic fruits, caramel, malic acidity, smooth and delicate

Suggested for: Espresso

Espresso recipe: 

In: 18.5 gr 

Out: 37 gr

Time: 25 sec

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