Fazenda Samambaia / Topazio - Brazil

Synonymous with tradition, the farm Fazenda Samambaia in Campo Das Vertentes, San Antonio in the state of Minas Gerais is a legacy of the Cambraia family. In 1993 Henrique Dias Cambraia – current farm owner had to face the death of his father – Dr. Jose Nominato Cambraia but also to take over the farm. Henrique had just graduated and his siblings Rodrigo and Silvia chose him to continue their father's work now as the 4th generation. He traveled a lot and realized that Brazilian Coffee was not in the options of international markets. Very soon, Henrique focused on the production of high quality coffee and did not hesitate to collaborate with other producers in Campo das Vertentes to produce Sancoffee. His desire was to spread to the whole world the possibilities and the uniqueness of the coffee of his region.

The Fazenda Samambaia farm gives enormous importance to the people by investing in their continuous education but also in the protection of the environment by constantly evolving the production and harvesting process of the coffee.

Origin: Campo das Vertentes, Santo Antonio do Amparo

Altitude: 1000 - 1200m

Variety: Topazio

Processing: Natural

Cup profile: Brown Sugar, creamy, chocolate, mild acidity

Suggested for: Espresso

Espresso recipe: 

In: 17.5 gr 

Out: 36 gr

Time: 25 sec

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