Cerro La Cruz - Costa Rica

The grandfather of the family Esquivel sold his land when coffee production started to increase rapidly in Costa Rica. He bought land in a coffee growing region in front of a mountain called Cerro La Cruz. He moved there with his family and since now his descendants continue his legacy. They have named the mill Cerro La Cruz.

Origin: San Marcos, Tarazzu

Altitude: 1700m

Variety: Catuai

Processing: Yellow honey 

Cup Profile: tropical fruits - mango, maple syrup, orange, velvety body, smooth and delicate acidity 

Suggested for: filter & espresso

Espresso recipe:

In: 19gr 

Out: 36gr 

Time: 25sec

Filter recipe:


90-95° degrees

Pouring time: 1'- 1' & 30

Extraction time: 2'-2' & 15"

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