Thageini Karibu Kenya

Thageini Wet Mill is one of the four mills operated by the Aguthi Producers’ Association. It is the second largest mill in terms of producer-members, occupying about 350 men and 100 women, while the Association has a total of about 2000 members. The Association provides continuous training to its members regarding farm management techniques, harvesting and sorting procedures, and other agronomic techniques. Furthermore, they organize workshops designed in such a way that all members can learn from each other and provide expert advice to producers. The Association's values are aligned with quality, sustainability and concern for the community.

During their long-standing partnership with Project Origin, Thageini Wet Mill has provided a great range of exceptional washed coffees. Project Origin, wanting to support their commitment and efforts, has invested in multiple projects to further develop the community and infrastructure of the mill. Specifically, in 2019, they initiated the construction of a carbonic maceration infrastructure, along with the construction of new drying beds to further improve the facilities so that Thageini Wet Mill can continue to focus on producing high quality coffees.

Thageini Supernatural coffee was chosen as part of taf's partnership with Project Origin.

Origin: Nyeri County, Central Region, Kenya

Altitude: 1800m

Variety: SL28 & SL34

Processing: Super natural


Cup profile: Red fruits, molasses, complex acidity, juicy, lingering aftertaste


Suggested for: Espresso


Espresso recipe:

In: 19 gr

Out: 35 gr

Time: 24 sec

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