Mama Mina Nicaragua

Mama Mina is a small farm that owns a milling operation to process all the coffee on site. Since 1900 Bruno Mierisch worked with his son Wilfrido on the coffee farms. Then Wilfrido worked with his boys on the coffee farms, and today his boys work with their sons and daughters on the coffee farms.

It is owned by the Mierisch family, named after their grandmother Mina McEwan. The Mierisch McEwan family owns farms and grows coffee in Nicaragua for the last 100 years. The regions where they grow coffee are Matagalpa and Jinotega. As a family-run operation, they produce high quality coffee. 

Trees and mountains surround the farm in every direction. Although Mama Mina is one of the youngest farms, it produces the finest coffee due to its high altitude (ranges from 1260 - 1350 meters, which makes it one of the higher elevation estate coffees in the region), abundance of shade, and nutrient-rich soil.

Before harvesting the coffee, there is a great amount of work that needs to be done in terms of farm, infrastructure, and coffee trees. The Mierisch family is responsible for the road maintenance around the farms. As far as nurseries are concerned, older trees are replaced every year, so the nursery must constantly remain active. Trees stay in the nursery until the moment they are ready to be placed to their specific lot after one year. After three to four years, the plant produces its first flowers and then the first coffee cherries. The cherries gradually obtain a bright red color and at this point they are ready for harvesting and processing. The family uses compost to fertilize the soil.

The harvest usually begins in early December and ends in March. The method used is hand-picking. 

According to the Mierisch family, it is impossible to understate the importance of processing coffee. At any one step, if the process is mishandled, even slightly, entire harvests can be ruined. In order to maintain all the coffee qualities from see to cup and to avoid any faults, all the steps must be have to be performed cautiously. 

Taf has developed direct relationships and in that way, it gets to know the producer and a perfect cooperation is ensured. Moreover, through the direct relationship, taf contributes to the sustainability of the farm’s employees and their families in terms of infrastructure, healthcare issues and education.


Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Altitude: 1250-1375m

Variety: Yellow Pacas

Processing: washed

Cup profile: floral, mandarin, clementine, delicate citrus acidity, juicy body


Suggested for: espresso & filter 

Espresso recipe:

In: 19.5 gr

Out: 40gr

Time: 23 sec

    Filter recipe:


    90-95° degrees

    Pouring time: 1'- 1' & 30

    Extraction time: 2'-2' & 15"

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