Gura Kenya

Arabica coffee from Kenya continues to be featured on coffee menus everywhere, for the lively acidity and clarity of its flavor profile.


The red volcanic terrain that spans around Nyeri County and Mount Kenya receives water from the many surrounding rivers, strengthening the growth of the coffee trees and providing all the nutrients they need in order to produce delicious coffee cherries. Producers then have to care for these cherries and harvest them when they are red and ripe. The cherries are picked and sorted by hand.


These producers are members of the Othaya Farmer's Association and deliver the cherries to the Gura Wet Mill. Gura Wet Mill employs 468 people from the local community: 164 women and 304 men, and it is FLO certified. In addition to producing excellent coffee, the Othaya Farmer's Association is involved in many environmental projects encompassing reforestation along the coffee trees, hoping to enhance agroforestry throughout the county.


The Gura Kenya coffee was chosen as part of taf's partnership with Project Origin.


Origin: Nyeri County, Central Region, Kenya

Altitude: 1800m

Variety: SL28/SL34

Processing: Washed


Cup profile: Black currant, vanilla, crispy acidity, medium syrupy body


Suggested for: Espresso


Espresso recipe:

In: 19 gr

Out: 37 gr

Time: 24 sec

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