Granitos de Ortiz 1900 - Costa Rica

Martinez Calderon family owns the micromill Granitos de Ortiz located in Costa Rica, Santa Maria de Dota-Tarrazú. Everything started as a dream of Mr. Omar Calderon who went years ago to this region in Costa Rica, thinking about starting to process his own coffee, motivated by his wife and his four daughters. This is how he decided to start. With plantations over 1800 meters and good management of its 5 farms - the 2000 Ortíz (2000m), the 1900 Ortíz (1900m), la Granadilla (1800m), la Casa (1750m) and the Nery (1700m) he began the height gain of Ortíz Granites.

Origin: Santa Maria de Dotta, Tarrazu

Altitude: 1900m 

Variety: typica

Processing: black honey 

Cup Profile: sweet plum, citrus, milk chocolate, complex acidity, syrupy body, honey sweetness in the aftertaste

Suggested for: espresso & filter 

Espresso recipe:

In: 19gr 

Out: 36gr 

Time: 25sec

Filter recipe:


90-95° degrees

Pouring time: 1'- 1' & 30

Extraction time: 2'-2' & 15"

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