Cultivos Single Estate Costa Rica Corazon Capsules

Behind every day’s coffee there is Cultivos Coffee. A high-quality coffee for which we know the journey, from seed plantation until its final destination. Cultivos Single Estate series will now be an essential part of our day, going in every house in a form of biodegradable capsules.

Single Estate is a coffee that originates from a specific farm, an individual producer, famous for the high quality and for the value that it creates without any negative effects to third persons. Its uniqueness comes from its flavor and taste characteristics (acidity, body, taste and aroma) that create its profile as well as from its process, from seed to cup.

The communication with the farms is direct, through taf’s direct relationship program.

Now your favorite Costa Rica Corazon Single Estate coffee comes in special capsules which are environmentally friendly and are Nespresso* compatible.

The new Cultivos Single Estate capsules are compostable. Through industrial composting, Cultivos capsules can be placed in special brown-colored bins after use and from there, they will follow the process in which their organic material will be decomposed and converted into a new substance, rich in nutrients, both for the soil and for the ecosystem. The Cultivos Single Estate Costa Rica Corazon capsules are made of organic materials and are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). They are aluminum and Bisphenol-A free. They have an oxygen barrier, an innovative technology that protects its content. The lid is made of non-tearable paper that secures the content of the capsule and guarantees the rich cream in our daily coffee - while the body of the capsule is made of organic materials, sugarcane particularly.

This is a very environmental friendly packaging which fully corresponds to our sustainable philosophy for this specific series and the transparency which follows the bean’s journey, from its plantation until the coffee cup.

The mission of the Single Estate series of Cultivos Coffee, is to bring to consumers coffee from fine farms, in environmentally friendly capsules. For coffee lovers looking for a cup of coffee with a syrupy mouthfeel, delicate acidity and delicious vanilla and orange notes, the Costa Rica Corazon Cultivos capsules from the Single Estate series are the ideal choice.

Cup profile: Vanilla, orange, syrupy mouthfeel, delicate acidity

Each box contains 10 capsules. The weight of each capsule is 5,7gr.

(* Nespresso® is a trademark owned by a third party not affiliated with I.Taloumis & Co) 






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