Cultivos Capsules Decaffeinated

Behind every day’s coffee there is Cultivos Coffee. A high-quality coffee for which we know the journey, from seed plantation until its final destination. Cultivos Decaffeinated coffee will now be an essential part of our day, going in every house in a form of biodegradable capsules.

The decaffeination method applied is with the use of natural water. The water comes from a spring located near the region where coffee processing takes place, in the city of Manizales in Colombia. We can say that this particular water has been tested extensively and is of excellent quality, suitable for coffee processing (coffee cannot be processed using tap water because chemicals are used to make it safe and these chemicals can alter the coffee’s organic compounds). The removal of caffeine in this manner does not significantly affect or alter the taste of the coffee.

Now your favorite Cultivos Decaffeinated coffee comes in special capsules which are environmentally friendly and are Nespresso* compatible.

Cultivos Decaffeinated coffee capsules are not just ecofriendly. They are compostable – ready to be directly recycled. Through compostability, after their use, Cultivos Decaffeinated coffee capsules can follow the natural process in which their organic matter will be decomposed and together with the rest of the organic materials will be transformed into a new substance, rich in nutrition, both for the soil and for the ecosystem. About 35% of household waste can be composted and Cultivos Decaffeinated capsules now belong to this percentage. This is a very environmental friendly packaging which fully corresponds to our sustainable philosophy for this specific series and the transparency which follows the bean’s journey, from its plantation until the coffee cup.

The mission of the Decaffeinated series of Cultivos is to bring the best coffees from Colombia, in environmentally friendly capsules. For coffee lovers looking for a balanced cup of coffee with a fruity character and notes of chocolate and nuts, the decaffeinated line of Cultivos is the ideal choice.

Cup profile: balanced cup, citrus & fruits with nuts & chocolate 

Each box contains 10 capsules. The weight of each capsule is 5,7gr.

(* Nespresso® is a trademark owned by a third party not affiliated with I.Taloumis & Co) 

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