Taf Steeped Coffee - Mediterranean Blend

Taf Steeped Coffee is the new, innovative proposal by taf that uniquely combines convenience and quality.

Taf Steeped Coffee gives us a cup of superior quality coffee that is prepared in a few minutes, without equipment, with only ingredients being the hot water and the coffee bags.

With three easy steps - pour, dunk, and steep - you can simply have a cup of top quality coffee, at home, on the go, at the office, on the plane, at the campsite or in a hotel room.

Each guilt-free Single Serve coffee bag is made from renewable and biodegradable materials and is ultrasonically sealed, ensuring zero waste. The outer package of taf Steeped Pack is made with compostable and renewable materials, without GMOs. Every element of the packaging uses the latest technology, which ensures both superior quality and freshness for taf coffee.

At taf Steeped Coffee, taf coffee retains its strict quality characteristics. The coffee beans are handcrafted in small batches, ground with precision. The Single Serve bags are nitro sealed to ensure coffee freshness.

The taf Steeped Coffee - Mediterranean Blend is balanced and it stands out for the notes of chocolate and roasted coconut.

Each package of Taf Steeped Coffee - Mediterranean Blend includes 10 Single Serve guilt-free coffee bags.

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