San Luis- El Salvador

San Luis coffee comes from the farm San Luis in El Salvador and is part of Aida Battle’s program (Aida Battle Selection). This program includes selected coffee farms from the region Santa Ana in El Salvador. This specific micro lot is a Kenia SL-34 variety. San Luis farm is located in the broader region of Santa Ana Volcano, with a view of the lake Coatepeque.

The farm is in an altitude of 1100-1400m and the owner of the farm is Ernest Mathies-Hill. 


Origin: Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Altitude: 1100-1400m

Variety: Kenia, SL-34

Processing: washed

Cup profile: floral notes – orange blossom, citrus – mandarin, black tea notes, pleasant acidity, round creamy body


Suggested for: espresso 

espresso recipe
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