El Calagual Guatemala

Fabian family moved to Santa Rosa de Lima in 1899 establishing Finca El Chicon, with 154 hectares, dedicated to cattle originally. Bonifacio Fabian, is now the 4th generation and inherited a piece of land named Calagual.

By tradition, coffee is sold in cherries to the middle Compradors in this region, however, Darwin Fabian, Bonifacio´s son, decided to try out some processes two years ago.

Darwin is now taking care of the farm and experimenting with processes and varieties. He believes that in the middle of crisis, differentiation is the key to survive and preserve the land.

Although the farm is small, it gives an opportunity to do more focused experiments.

Darwin built african beds this year that allowed him to process some Naturals. His next step is to implement a pulper and move forward to the Honey and Fully Washed coffees.

 Origin: Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Altitude: 1550-1800m

Variety: Pache

Processing: natural

Cup profile: blackberry, honey, toffee, anana, malic acidity, creamy body

Suggested for:  espresso

Espresso recipe:

In: 19gr

Out: 37gr

Time:23 sec

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