Santa Gertrudis Typica Ecuador

Hacienda Santa Gertrudis is located in the province of Loja, Ecuador, a few kilometers from the Podocarpus National Park and the well-known town of Vilcabamba. 
The farm's altitude ranges from 1650 masl to more than 2200 masl. The coffee plantation is currently between 1650m and 1750m. 
The farm has been in the family for a long time; Luis Emilio Eguiguren, was the first to plant coffee on this land during the 1950s. 
After many years his grandson, Jose Eguiguren, decided to grow only high quality coffee and at the same time he started experimenting with the implementation of new processing and drying techniques. 
Currently, six coffee varietals are cultivated at Hacienda Santa Gertrudis; Caturra, Yellow Catuai, Gesha, Sl28, Typica Mejorado, and Sidra; Typica Mejorado is of transcendental importance since it has become an authentic emblem of Ecuadorian coffee growing.
Santa Gertrudis Typica Ecuador 
Origin: Malacatos, Loja, Ecuador
Altitude: 1670m
Variety: typica mejorado
Processing: double anaerobic washed 
Cup profile: jasmine notes, tropical fruits, berries, pineapple, toffee, elegant acidity, silky body 

Suggested for: filter & espresso 

Espresso recipe

In: 21,5gr 

Out: 37gr 

Time: 21sec 

Filter Recipe

15gr/250ml degrees

90-93° degrees

Pouring Time: 1'- 1' & 30"

Extraction time: 2' - 2' & 15"

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