Mococa - Brazil

Our partner and producer João Hamilton grows coffee in Mogiana of Sao Paulo, Brazil and specifically in Serra do Cigano valley, on a 10-hectare farm at an altitude that ranges from 1200 to 1340 meters above sea level. The varieties produced are Catuai, Mundo Novo, Sumatra, and Bourbon. For several years Joao’s production was traditionally commodity and his goal was always to produce as much quantity as possible. He realized very soon that this system of commodity coffee was not sustainable. 

In 2006, Marcos from Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza invited João’s family to participate in a new sustainable method in producing coffee. This resulted in changing the family’s overall goal. The objective, therefore, became to achieve the highest quality and at the same time respect nature by reforesting the area around their springs, recycling their trash, refraining from utilizing toxic fertilizers and herbicides giving the practice of growing coffee a new inspiration and hope. 

Joao’s family adopted new processes in order to improve coffee quality. They started to harvest selectively for the ripest cherries, to do semi-washed pulped cherries, and to work more carefully on the drying patio. 

Joao’s partnership with FAF allowed for dreams and hopes to realize. In 2008 they exported the first coffees and in 2009 Marcos brought several important buyers and international baristas to see their farm. 

In 2010 they invested in building elevated beds for the further development of high-quality coffees. 

The family’s main objective changed completely since then and all these years their goal is to achieve higher quality respecting nature and coffee itself. 

The new practices that were adopted resulted in exports of coffee in 2010. 

Yiannis Taloumis who is in charge of the Direct Relationship program, mentions: “I met Jao and I was really impressed by his ongoing need for experimentation, trying to achieve better and better results. I also saw his effort to motivate his brothers, Ivan and Gertrudes to improve themselves”.

Producer: Joao Hamilton 

Origin: Mogiana, Brazil

Altitude: 1000m

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural 

Cup profile: sweet, milk chocolate, herbal, red fruits, creamy body

Suggested for: espresso 

Espresso recipe

In: 18,5gr 

Out: 37gr 

Time: 26sec 

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