La Palma y El Tucan Geisha Heroes - Colombia

 Elisa and Felipe grow the variety of Geisha Heroes in the sophisticated farm La Palma y El Tucan and the results are outstanding. The processing of the coffee takes place in the La Palma y El Tucan facilities, in a new washing station within a farm with perfect ergonomy. This particular processing station includes elevated beds for the drying of the coffee, uses solar energy in order to save resources and has an up to date mechanical drum for the final drying of the coffee. La Palma y El Tucan has created a very innovative lab, in which the people of the farm conduct the necessary quality controls required in every stage. La Palma y El Tucan experiments with new fermentation methods. 

Bioinnovation is a new category of fermentation that La Palma Y el Tucan has introduced, with more than two years of work behind it. Their vision was to create a fermentation process that would be their own and 100% natural, a process that would be a result of respecting and learning from the conditions of the ecosystem in which microorganisms adapted to. 

With a cross-industry collaboration between the Quality Assurance team of La Palma Y El Tucan and an expert microbiologist from Bio Plant, a Bogota-based laboratory, La Palma Y El Tucan was able to explore the microbial life inside their coffee fermentations and identify microorganisms they could isolate and replicate in laboratory. They identified the microorganisms present and their characteristics, they chose the ones that worked best for their purpose, and “fed” them with raw materials and foods that are available within the local ecosystem. 

When ready, La Palma Y el Tucan made a mixture of the selected microbes and placed them back in the farm, using them in the fermentation tanks where they imparted their unique microbial mosaic into the coffee


Origin: Cundinamarca, Colombia

Farm: La Palma y El Tucan

Altitude: 1800m

Variety: Geisha

Processing: bio-innovation natural 

Cup profile: Jasmine, tropical fruits like passion fruit and mango, complex acidity, lingering body, exceptional balance.

Suggested for: filter

Filter recipe:


90-93° degrees 

Pouring time: 1'-1' & 30''

Extraction time: 2'-2'& 15''

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