Brumas Del Zurgui Micromill - Costa Rica

Juan Ramon Alvarado, as an agronomist knows very well the production of “boutique” coffee, and also he is familiar with the processing done in the mills. Ten years ago he began to deal with micromill of Brumas del Zurqui. Brumas del Zurqui is considered one of the most innovative mills in the industry of Costa Rica. Juan Ramon is dedicated to produce and process some of the best honey coffees available. The farms, located in Central Valley, in the area of San Francisco de Heredia are examples of agronomic management. The Zamora is one of these farms, in which are applied progressive agronomic practices by soil analysis and tissue, which are used in order to feed the plant with exactly what it needs. In the same mill processes very carefully each fruit after harvest. Since 2010, that Yiannis Taloumis visits Juan Ramon, he witnesses the evolution of the mill and the qualitative improvement happening with every harvest.  

Origin: San Isidoro Heredia Valle Central

Variety: Caturra 

Altitude: 1600 m

Processing: Yellow honey

Cup Profile: Honey, chocolate praline, apricot,  silky body, elegant, sweet acidity

Suggested for: espresso

Espresso recipe

In: 19gr 

Out: 37gr 

Time: 25sec 

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