Sin Limites Micromill - Costa Rica

Jaime's Cardena micro mill is called Sin Limites, meaning without limits. Grower and micromiller Jaime is an aficionado of the honey process. Jaime has taken Costa Rican honey coffees to a new level. His coffee took second place in the 2008 Cup of Excellence and he is always in the top group. His farm is very small, only 1 hectare. But he has set up an impressive small micro-mill using a Gaviota 2500 pulping machine and processes coffee on behalf of a number of his neighbors in the West Valley. It can be calibrated to remove just the coffee's skin or it can wear mucilage off depending on the miller's intent. And, like all of the modern depulping machines, it uses very little water and has a minimal environmental impact. He produces red and yellow honey coffees using the Villa Sarchi varietal, a hybrid of Bourbon developed in this West Valley, known of its sweetness. 

Origin: Lourdes de Naranjo, West Valley, Costa Rica

Altitude: 1500-1700m

Variety: SL-28 Kenya

Processing: red honey

Cup Profile: dry red fruits, juicy, crispy, apricot jam

Suggested for: espresso

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