Telia, Herbazu Micromill - Costa Rica

A pioneer of the Micro mill Revolution, in the West Valley Region, Herbazu is a micro mill of the Barrantes Zuniga family, leaded by Antonio and Nardo Barrantes.

It is located in Lourdes de Naranjo and the name Telia is after the mother’s name of the family. Their beautiful farms La Planada at 1500m, and his top farm Leoncio at 1650m.

Origin: Lourdes de Naranjo, West Valley

Altitude: 1500m

Variety: Bourbon "Rwanda"

Processing: Red honey

Cup Profile: nectarine, mandarin, orange, ginger, balanced acidity, round body, long aftertaste 

Suggested for: espresso

Espresso recipe

In: 20gr 

Out: 35gr 

Time: 25sec 


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