Casa Brás COE Brazil 2022

Casa Brás COE Brazil 2022

The 6 hectares planted with coffee at Casa Brás are embraced and blessed by the magnificent terroir of the Serra da Canastra, a region that is well known for the excellent coffee beans growing there. Located in the Central-West of Minas Gerais, the Canastra region has favorable characteristics for coffee growing: excellent altitude, climate, soil, and, mainly, its people. More than just high-quality standards, Serra da Canastra maintains a long-lasting tradition of family farms and producers that deserve recognition, such as Pedro Brás, 32.

Belonging to the third generation of coffee producers, Pedro realized his dreams in the fields. Having been born under a coffee tree, his passion for the world of coffee and appreciation for the land of Canastra began in his younger years. Pedro combined his family's teachings, techniques, and knowledge he gathered from the outside world with his fascination for innovation, entrepreneurship, and coffee cultivation refinement to improve the cultivation in the region. Extremely fascinated by the post-harvest process, Pedro follows each harvest up close, regardless of his lack of sleep and tiredness.

With the trust and support of his family in their farm, Pedro began a beautiful project that changed the lives of many people in the region. He began the production of highly-elevated specialty coffees, whose beans were carefully planted and hand-picked, like small treasures. Few, limited, and contested, these special coffee beans began to be appreciated in more distinct circles.

Origin: Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1350m

Variety: Geisha

Processing: Natural

Cup profile: Jasmine, citrus, caramel, papaya, complex acidity, structured – juicy body, long lasting aftertaste

Suggested for: Espresso

Espresso recipe: 

In: 19,5 gr 

Out: 35 gr

Time: 25 - 27sec

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