Bait Alal - Yemen

Farmers of Bait Alal consider coffee trees as a symbol of pride. The farmers believe that coffee trees originated from their land. The community is home to 300 farming families.

Farmers in Bait Alal have been growing coffee for 600 years. Altitudes in Bait Alal can reach up to 2400m, which contributes to producing the highest scoring coffees in the world. On average coffees from Bait Alal score 90 whilst some lots reached 96 points in the recent auction. The harsh climate might be one of the reasons for the low yield, but no matter how small the harvest is these farmers never abandoned their coffee trees.

The region of Sanaa is Yemen’s largest coffee producing area and is considered the heart of Yemen’s coffee land.

Yemenia is a new mother population within the species of Coffea Arabica that is found exclusively in Yemen, and represents an ocean of unexplored genetics and future varieties that have the potential to reshape the world of Arabica for centuries to come.

To assess the cup quality of Yemen, Qima Coffee, in collaboration with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, put together an independent jury panel of 35 cuppers from 24 leading global coffee companies across 14 countries, among them taf with Yiannis Taloumis as a judge.

 Cup profile: coriander, black tea & sweet rose aroma, honey & blackcurrant flavor, complex acidity, silky mouthfeel

 Origin: Bait Alal, Hayma Kharijiya, Yemen

Altitude: 2300m

Variety: Yemenia

Processing: Natural 

Suggested for: filter

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